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Welcome to The Swedish Dog Judges Association

The Swedish Dog Judges Association is an association of dog show judges authorized by the Swedish Kennel Club. It is a Society working in close relation with the Swedish Kennel Club, with aims that in all essential parts are in conformity with those of the Swedish Kennel Club.

The Swedish Dog Judges Association contributes to the creation and maintainment of a high standard among its Members in their capacity as dog show judges, protects their interests, especially in issues common for dog show judges, and represents them within the Swedish Kennel Club.

The aims of the Association are effectuated by actively working for a good education and continuing education for dog show judges, for instance in the form of judges conferences, courses, assistance in the production of teaching aids and course programs etc.

The Swedish Dog Judges Association is a body of reference in all questions applying to dog show judges education, and concerning their judging activities.

The judges found on these pages are all members of our organisation and do not represent all the judges of Sweden. Our judges have contributed with their information and photos.

You will find the judges sorted by FCI groups and in alphabetical order.

The text: "Judges breeds in group:" doesn't necessesarily mean that he or she judges all the breeds in that group - it can be only one breed in this group.

To find what breeds he/she judges you can click here >>