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30 Aug 2020;
Domarträff syd


Anne-Chaterine Edoff

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Kennel name Bocanis
Website -
E-mail a.edoff@gmail.com
Year of birth 1952
Profession Professional Communicator
Licensed to judge at CAC shows since 1989, "special judge" in German Shepherd Dog Club 1985
Licensed to judge following breeds See all >>
Has owned dogs since 1972
Own breeds German Shepherd Dog, Spanish Waterdog (American Cocker Spaniel, English Pointer, Norfolk Terrier)
Language skills English, german
Has judged at CAC level in following countries Norway
Northern Ireland
Breeder of following breeds (now and/or in the past) German Shepherd Dog, Norfolk Terrier
Stud dogs (now and/or in the past) -
Own successful dogs


Other interests Mentality in dogs and practical work with dogs