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Bertil Lundgren


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Kennel name Engelen
Website -
E-mail bertil.lundgren@live.se
Year of birth 1954
Profession -
Licensed to judge at CAC shows since 1995
Licensed to judge following breeds Show all >>
Has owned dogs since 1965
Own breeds

Flatcoated Retriever, Golden Retriever

Language skills English, some german
Has judged at CAC level in following countries

Most of the European countries

Breeder of following breeds (now and/or in the past)

Flatcoated Retriever

Stud dogs (now and/or in the past) Flatcoated Retriever
Own successful dogs

SE UCH Engelen She's the One
Engelen Shesellsseashells
INT UCH SE V-96 FI V-98 Engelen Squeezing out Sparks (BIS Helsinki Int 1998)
Engelen All right Now (BIS SKK Gällivare 1990)
Su(u)Ch Engelen Fandango

Other interests Hunting, shooting, music